Red Rock Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas, NV – 3 Great Red Rock Restaurants

Red Rock Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas, NV are located on the southwest corner of town at the foot of the slopes overlooking the valley. It is about a ten minute drive from the red rocks golf course but requires a bit of drive time because of all the beautiful sights that it has to offer.

On a recent trip to the RLC, we were fortunate enough to eat at one of the most unique dining experiences I’ve ever had in a casino. We went to see a show at the Reverse the Universe show called Fast Money by Anthony Tambakis. This show was just crazy. The crazy part was that Anthony Tambakis (who is one of the biggest fans of the show) worked in a casino when he wrote his book and he made the casino restaurant, where he lived, really sound like the show.

The show was fun because the casino restaurant was the restaurant with the slot machines and other things set up in it. It looked like the real deal because everything had a real theme and it was inside a casino where you could eat right in front of the food services and even be able to play the slots in their restaurant for a modest dinner price.

We couldn’t wait to sit down to eat and look around. We didn’t have a reservation, but we also didn’t want to leave. We tried to get as close to the show as possible so we would be able to witness it as much as possible. The casino restaurant was definitely worth the trip.

Eating at a restaurant is one of the best ways to experience a casino because you have no distractions and you are able to just be the center of attention and you have the full feeling of what the experience is like. That’s why it’s always fun to go to the RLC and eat at one of the restaurants.

If you want to visit a casino with eating, you should try some of the Dine Out which are some of the most elegant dining establishments around. The decor at these restaurants is always so fantastic and the food is absolutely mouth watering. The location of these restaurants are on the east side of the casino and they serve dinner at the tables directly in front of the show. You will really be walking by the Show if you are seated there, but if you dine out and eat in, you won’t miss much.

These restaurants are especially great because they are located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. It makes the restaurants seem even more like a part of the show and it makes the experience even more memorable. At the RLC in Las Vegas, you can actually eat like the stars and then dine out right next to the spot where the show is.