Restaurants Inside Red Rock Casino Resort

restaurants inside red rock casino

Restaurants Inside Red Rock Casino Resort

If you are planning to enjoy your next dinner and a show at Red Rock Casino Resort, then you should probably check out the restaurants inside the venue. These locations are known for serving all of the major taste buds and they also come in at the top of Red Rock’s list when it comes to culinary treats.

If you are looking for a nice romantic evening with your special someone, then try one of the two rooms that make up the Wild Horse Room. Sit back and relax as you are surrounded by exotic plants and flowers that grow in the back yard of this beautiful hotel.

This room has great food selections including many gourmet cuisine selections along with some of the best buffet or fine dining experiences. Many of the restaurants in the main venue are part of this establishment, and there is some great variety here as well.

Of course, if you are looking for a nice quiet night to unwind, then check out the Inner Elegance Resort. This location is only around seven hundred square feet, but it offers a great variety of comfortable beds that can be enjoyed by both men and women. The atmosphere at this location is casual and informal, but it still features great choices for a cocktail or dinner.

While some people might suggest going to an expensive restaurant while at Red Rock, others would rather visit a place that is less expensive. The Downtown Mirage Resort and Casino are one of those places, and you will find that the prices are affordable.

The Desert Palace Grill Restaurant serves up the best food available in the desert town of Elko. These are hearty, delicious meals that can be enjoyed by anyone, from the health conscious to the heavy eater.

The patio area is open all throughout the year, so you can enjoy the view of the surrounding valley at any time of the day. The menu here is limited and that is why most of the location’s customers will order their meals off the buffet line.

If you like to spend some time outdoors in the desert, then there is something for you at the Silver Dunes Inn. Sit back and relax in this quiet location in the Red Rock area and you will see that you are making the right choice.