Enjoy a Fine Dining Experience in One of the Best Restaurants in Las Vegas

Enjoying a fine meal in one of the most famous and celebrated restaurants in Las Vegas is an experience that has many couples dreaming of. It is a place where the sophisticated, creative, and exciting food serves to satisfy the senses. No other restaurant can boast a title such as the Red Rock Hotel’s Oceanaire, for the best in the world cuisine and exotic culinary delights.

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Whatever kind of dining one would like, be it a fine dining experience or a casual sit down dinner, there is no doubt that this restaurant has it all. The name Oceanaire is named after the ocean front at the casino, where a view of the ocean was seen. Red Rock Casino’s namesake is The Lucky Harp where people can enjoy a luxurious room and accommodations, while enjoying an exquisite dining experience that captivates everyone’s senses.

If you want to be close to all the action of the casinos, this is the perfect place to stay. There are over 400 rooms that will fit your needs and budget.

The great view of the Las Vegas Strip from any room window is a place that few get to see. It is a place that serve as the inspiration for the ambiance of the Oceanaire, as well as the dining experience. The food served here is sure to leave a lasting impression on your mind. Because of its size, the restaurants provide many different dining experiences that are appealing to the guest’s taste buds.

The experience from the dining room or the spa is never missed when it comes to enjoying a fine meal in one of the great restaurants of Red Rock Casino. From the Creole French cuisine to the exotic Asian cuisines, there is no end to the menu offerings that one can enjoy. They have a variety of delicious entrees that are suitable for every type of palette.

For those guests who prefer more of the indoors, the large outdoor space with a pool and large patio is just the right place to eat, drink, and relax. Guests can relax in the warmth of the sun and enjoy the amazing views of the Las Vegas Strip that will take your breath away. One can even take advantage of the mini bars that will offer cocktails that are sure to be a delight.

When it comes to entertainment, Red Rock Casino offers some of the best in live entertainment for those who are interested in sports events. The Red Rock Casino live music venues will provide the perfect setting for any occasion, no matter what it may be.

It is easy to see why so many people stay for a night or two at one of the best restaurants in Las Vegas, Oceanaire at Red Rock Casino. The Oceanaire is a great place to entertain, unwind, and enjoy the ambiance of life in Las Vegas.