Bucket List

Adventurous, adrenaline kicking, boring, impossible, nerdy or completely random: this is my travel bucket list! When creating the list, I realized I could broadly categorize everything in ‘Places to Go’, ‘Places to Sleep’ and ‘Experiences’. Though it’s most definitely incomplete, and will be updated over time.

As for now, I really hope to be able to cross off as many items as possible along the way. If you’ve any recommendations, either on how to achieve them or on things I should definitely add, comment below!

Places to Go

- Hike Machu Picchu
– See wild penguins in Antartica
– See wild kangaroos in Australia
– Drive through Monument Valley
– Eat steak in Buenos Aires
– Take the Trans-Mongolian Express from Moscow to Beijing
– Drink rum and smoke a cigar in Cuba
- Hike the Great Wall of ChinaChinese Wall
- Sleep in a Japanese capsule hotel
– Visit North Korea
– See the Pyramids of Giza
– Visit the Taj Mahal
– Hike the Grand Canyon
– Visit Cape Town
- Visit the Niagara Fallsniagarafalls
– Go into the wild in Alaska
– Visit Ha Long Bay
– Visit Jerusalem
– Float in the Dead Sea
– Go to Easter Island

Places to Sleep

- Sleep on a train
- Sleep on a boat
- Sleep in a castle
– Sleep in a treehouse
- Sleep in a hammock
– Sleep on top of a building
– Sleep in Central Park
– Sleep in a Japanese capsule hotel
– Sleeping in an igloo


-  Go hang gliding
– Go horse riding somewhere scenic
- Go Skydiving
– Kayak somewhere scenic
– Learn how to scuba dive
– Go sandboarding
– Swim with dolphins
– Swim with turtles
– Swim with a manta ray
– Swim with manatees
- Shoot a gun
– Ride an elephant
– Touch a lion/tiger
– Cuddle a koala
– Go rafting
– Go ice climbing
– Fly business class
– Fly in a helicopter
- Stand under a waterfallwaterfall
– See volcanic magma
– See the Northern Lights
РGo dog sledding
– Fly in a floatplane and land on water
– Work in an Irish Pub
– Enjoy zero gravity
– Attend a U.S. Supreme Court hearing
– Meet Obama

Is there anything missing on this list? Or do you know how I can achieve these items? Let me know by commenting below! If you liked this bucket list, please share. Thanks!

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