Review: Lub D Silom Hostel, Bangkok

Many backpackers start their trip in Bangkok, and when dealing with a jet lag, culture shock and complete lack of basically everything, a good hostel feels like a safe haven. And even if you’ve been on the road for a long time, there are few things as good as a soft bed and a warm shower. The Lub D Silom Hostel will offer you this!

It was the first hostel I stayed at during my Round The World trip, and I’m very happy I did. ‘Lub D’ means as much as ‘good night’ in Thai, and it lives up to its name. Basically every year since 2009 they’ve won awards at major hostel booking companies such as Hostelbookers and Hostelworld. Most recently they’ve been awarded the ‘Most Popular Hostel In Bangkok’ Award at Hostelworld.

Lub D Silom

So what makes it this good?

First of all, it is a very modern, well designed, clean hostel. No shabby, wooden structures with rusted door keys (although this can be fun at times as well). It looks as fancy as an actual nice hotel. Everything is very clean, including toilets and showers. Actually, these are very fancy as well! Hot showers to begin with (which is definitely not a given in Asia), and not just showers but waterfall ones!

Lub D Silom

Next to that, they offer all the facilities you could basically need as a backpacker. There’s a bar in hostel, which also offers great breakfasts and some meals and fruits. There’s an on-site tour booking facility. They can help you with anything really, from multi-day tours to train tickets etc., or just good advice. Furthermore cheap laundry services, a tv room, computers, free Wifi, some books for exchange, ac throughout the building, daily activities..

And although it may look a bit like a hotel, the atmosphere is still very much ‘hostel’. The staff is very friendly and always willing to help out. The other travelers also seem to be very willing to connect. As a solo traveler, I didn’t have any problems meeting great people here. It is not a party hostel though: especially at night its actually quite and you can have a proper sleep. Altogether, it is just a very relaxed, laid back atmosphere.

What about the rooms?

At Lub D Silom you can find 4 types of rooms: a mixed dormitory (8 persons), a ladies dormitory (6 or 10 persons), a railway twin room (private, 1 bunkbed) and a double room (private, queen-side bed).

Every bed has 2 power outlets, a shelve and a light. The bed linen is very clean and soft and the mattresses and pillows are great. You get your own large locker to put your backpack in (bring your own padlock). And the rooms are cleaned every day.

Lub D Silom

Perhaps a bit over the top, but the lady dorms are behind a door which is often locked and can only be opened with a lady dorm key card. And their bathrooms and toilets are also located in this men-free zone.

And, uhm, where is it really?

It’s in Silom, one of the neighborhoods of Bangkok. Silom is not the center center, the middle of chaos, but a nice 10-15 minute tuk tuk ride away. To me this was perfect, because you can get to all the highlights and crazy parties in minutes, while still being able to get a proper, quiet night of sleep if you want to.

Silom itself is a nice neighborhood. Lub D Silom is located on a side street of Silom Road, the main road. You can find anything here from great street food to modern shopping centers, temples and bars. To get to (or leave) the hostel, there are many options. Taxi’s, tuk tuks, and a BTS Skytrain station is nearby, just like a boat pier.

Any downsides?

I really loved my stay at Lub D, but if you really want me to nag about something.. there’s free Wifi throughout the entire building, but it was utterly slow. For my phone it was okay, but I was hardly able to use my laptop. There’s no elevator. And although the staff is really great and friendly and always willing to help out whenever you ask them something, the excitement and initiative is lacking a bit. Like the game night (Monday’s activity), was simply putting a few board games on the table and that was it. Don’t expect them to entertain you, this is up to you. All together however, I would totally recommend this place.

Lub D Silom

Where can I book!?

Here! Make sure to book in time though, as it’s often fully booked. For more information, you can also check their website. Also, Lub D opened a second hostel in Bangkok: Lub D Siam Square. I didn’t stay here so can’t vouch for its quality, but you might want to consider it if Lub D Silom is booked.

Note: I received a complimentary stay at Lub D Silom, but the opinions voiced here are my own.

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