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6 Things To Realize When You Start Backpacking

things to realize start backpacking

I’ve been traveling for over a month now and it feels like I’m now getting the hang of this backpackers life. I’m starting to get used to it and found my way of traveling. The following 6 realizations helped me shape the way I look at my travels now.

My 6 Dumbest Travel Mistakes (Oops!)

travel mistakes

I’m really not that stupid. But hey.. everyone messes up every now and then, right?! So this list contains my dumbest travel mistakes. I hope not, but most likely it will be updated over time. Laugh and learn, while I’m trying hard to limit its expansion.

Buying the Best Backpack: This Is What I Learned


When going backpacking, one needs to buy a backpack. So, I started browsing the internet to find one. Didn’t really turn out to be the way to go: there are like a bazillion different kinds. Question is: Where to start?! This is what I learned: