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€4000 Spent, But Still At Home: 11 Pre-Departure Expenses

pre departure expenses

When planning my trip, I budgeted the hostel costs, living costs, etc. and so I needed an x amount of money on the day of departure. Great, a clear goal! But during the past few weeks, I’ve become slightly annoyed. I’m working hard and saving up every penny, but my bank account isn’t growing as much as I had expected! These 11 pre-departure expenses have already cost me a lot of money!

How To Save For Your Travels (Hardcore!)

How To Save For Your Travels

I could travel the world if I saved my ass off for half a year. But saving isn’t easy. Sometimes it’s a fun and creative challenge to achieve stuff with minimum funds, but at other times it just sucks. Saving has also taught me some important things. For example, my expenses and spending priorities became clear. Here is a list with things I discovered I could save money on. Remember, small things add up quickly!