My Round The World Trip: What’s The Plan?


Only 21 days left before I board that plane to my first destination: Bangkok, Thailand. AND I’M SO EXCITED!! For years I’ve been dreaming about this: traveling around the world! And now it’s about the become reality! I’ve made a general outline of my trip (open to change), so if you’re curious to where I’ll be hanging out the next couple of months, read on!

15 Lesser Known New York City Attractions

lesser known new york city attractions

After various trips and spending over a year in total in New York City, I’ve gotten to know the city pretty well. Of course I did all the main attractions, like the Empire State Building and visiting the Statue of Liberty, but here are 15 lesser known New York City attractions I discovered!

6 Reasons To Visit The Marriott Marquis New York

Marriott Marquis New York

The Marriott Marquis New York hotel is located on possibly the best spot of New York City: the very middle of Time Square! It offers some great perks worth checking out which are also available to non-guests that I would like to share here. Therefore, this post is not about why you should stay at the Marriott Marquis New York (although I can totally recommend it if you have the funds), but on why you should visit it!

The Other 9/11 Memorial in New York: St. Paul’s Chapel

st paul's chapel

The National 9/11 Memorial in New York is beautiful. It consists of two pools with huge waterfalls on the sides, placed in the footprints of the Twin Towers. The names of all 2.983 victims of the horrific attack are inscribed on the edges. It is a place to be quiet and remember those who lost their lives that day. But next to remembering the victims, I think it’s also important to remember the incredible job done by first responders and volunteers during the aftermath. To get a better understanding of this, I would recommend to visit St. Paul’s Chapel as well.

From New York City To The Niagara Falls By Train

To The Niagara Falls by Train

New York City is amazing, but the world famous Niagara Falls are actually not that far away! Getting from New York City to the Niagara Falls by train is super convenient. With comfortable seats, a food car and free WiFi, it gets you there in 9 hours. All aboard and enjoy the ride!