Visiting the Bridge on the River Kwai, Kanchanaburi

Visiting the Bridge on the River Kwai

The Bridge on the River Kwai is quite well known among the Dutch. It is part of the so called ‘railway of death’, running from Thailand to Burma (Myanmar). The railway was created during WWII by the Japanese to be able to supply their troops in Burma. In 1943, Prisoners of War and Asian civilians were forced to build it under terrible circumstances. Eventually, this led to the death of almost 3.000 Dutch, 7.000 British, 3.000 Australian and 150 American soldiers and ten thousands of Asian civil laborers.

7 Things You Can’t Miss In Bangkok

things you can't miss in bangkok

Bangkok is often the beginning of many trips. It is a busy, vibrant city with lots to do and see. Out of all of them, these are 7 things you definitely can’t miss!

A Day Trip From Bangkok To Ayutthaya


Ayutthaya, founded in 1350, used to be the capital of the Thailand until it was destroyed in 1767 by the Burmese army. The ruins of the old city are still there, including many old temples, pagoda’s and Buddha statues. Parts of them are declared UNESCO World Heritage Site and they’re really beautiful. It’s only around 75km from Bangkok and is therefore definitely worth a day trip when you’re in Bangkok!

Getting Around In Bangkok: 16 Things You Should Know

getting around in bangkok

Getting around in Bangkok is easy, but there are a few things you should know. The city is busy and chaotic, and so is its traffic. This list gives you a brief introduction so you know what to expect and hopefully won’t get scammed (or hit)!

My Round The World Trip: What’s The Plan?


Only 21 days left before I board that plane to my first destination: Bangkok, Thailand. AND I’M SO EXCITED!! For years I’ve been dreaming about this: traveling around the world! And now it’s about the become reality! I’ve made a general outline of my trip (open to change), so if you’re curious to where I’ll be hanging out the next couple of months, read on!