7 Mindblowing Experiences in Beijing


When I got selected to attend a conference in Hong Kong, I instantly added a trip to Beijing to visit the Great Wall. Other than that, I didn’t know too much about the city to be honest. Of course I did my research shortly before departure, but these 7 things came as a surprise!

Climbing The Great Wall Of China: An Amazing Experience

Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is super impressive and climbing it is something you’ll never forget! And did you know you can even bobsleigh down the Great Wall?! Pretty amazing and you can’t miss out on this experience when you’re in China!

Getting to the Mutianyu Great Wall by Bus

getting to the great wall of china

Now China is pretty cheap for travelers, but nonetheless tour operators, as usual, make it unnecessary expensive. For a normal tour to the Great Wall (pick up and drop off by bus/van) you’ll be charged some 60-80$. Don’t do it! You can easily get to the famous Mutianyu and Badaling parts for only a few bucks!