6 Reasons To Visit The Marriott Marquis New York

The Marriott Marquis New York hotel is located on possibly the best spot of New York City: the very middle of Time Square! It offers some great perks worth checking out, which are also available to non-guests that I would like to share here. Therefore, this post is not about why you should stay at the Marriott Marquis New York (although I can totally recommend it if you have the funds), but on why you should visit it! But first of all, let me point out that I’m in no way connected to, or sponsored by, Marriott. I’m just lucky enough to have stayed at this amazing place 3 times for conferences and absolutely loved it.

Marriott Marquis New York

1. Rotating Rooftop Restaurant ‘The View’

What many don’t know, is that the Marriott Marquis New York has an award winning revolving restaurant on their 45th floor. Revolving as in: a restaurant that slowly rotates so you get to enjoy a 360 degrees view of the city, while eating! It’s pretty amazing and the views are absolutely stunning! ‘The View’ is not cheap, so my advice for budget travelers: just go for the desserts buffet. The deserts are delicious and you get the most beautiful view of NYC you can imagine, for only $21 (excl tax & gratitude + $8 fee for non guests). Still not super cheap for some deserts, but it’s truly an experience!

Marriott Marquis New YorkMarriott Marquis New York

 2. Broadway Lounge

Next to ‘The View’, the Marriott Marquis New York has another great restaurant/bar you can’t miss: the Broadway Lounge. You can see this from Time Square as the half round compartment of the Marriott which ‘sticks out’. From the restaurant seen, this means you get the most amazing view of Time Square you can imagine as you’re literally right above it. Grab some drinks, snacks, or dinner here and feel like you’re on top of the world. Windows seats are (obviously) often taken though, so you’ve to be lucky or have some patience to get them.

Marriott Marquis New York

3. Free toilets

As I don’t expect thousands of people to read this, I’ll share this hidden gem: the Marriott has free and clean toilets on the second floor!! And if shit really gets out of hand (pun intended), they sell anti diarrhea or laxative medication in the souvenir shop. :) No, they won’t tell you this on their website!

4. Theater

There is a full theater located in the Marriott Marquis New York, where big Broadway musicals and shows are hosted. In the past you could watch musicals such as La Cage Aux Folles, Evita and Jekyll & Hyde here. I actually happened to be there during the official opening of Evita and saw Ricky Martin! So, you never know who you may run into!

Marriott Marquis New York

5. Elevators

Why care about elevators? Because the ones in the Marriot Marquis New York are really cool and very high tech. They are located in the center of the hotel, and just going up and down is really an experience. First of all, they go up really high (45 stories), and second of all, they are made out of glass (or at least that’s what it looks like), so you can look outside. It really feels a bit like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, without the bursting through the roof part. It looks very futuristic to see them go up and down or to be in one. To get to the right floor, you first have to press the floor number on a key pad outside the elevators, which then directs you to one of the elevators which will go up to that floor. Believe me, these elevators are an experience in themselves!

Marriott Marquis New York

6. Taxi’s & Limousines

Finding a taxi in New  York City isn’t usually very difficult, but to stop one at Time Square is a bit more challenging as traffic rushes through here. The Marriott Marquis New York however, has a specific taxi lane/parking place/drive through where you can easily grab one. The same thing for limousines. They often have one or more waiting there and otherwise can get you one.

Have you been to Marriott Marquis New York or are you planning to go? I would love to hear about your experiences! Feel free to comment below! If you liked this article, please share. Thanks!

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