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Hester Mourik

Welcome to my blog!

Hi! Welcome to Flying Dutchgirl, my blog about traveling and backpacking around the world!

My name is Hester, I’m 23 years old backpacker and as you might have guessed, I’m Dutch (meaning from the Netherlands, aka Holland, capital Amsterdam). When I was 14, I hopped on a plane to New York by myself, and ever since I’ve been traveling as much as I can. Currently I’m on a big trip around the world!

In New York, I went to an international educational summer camp, where I got to know amazing people from all over the world. For 8 weeks, I learned all about different countries, cultures, believes, people, and perspectives and it fascinated me so much! I wanted to see, explore and experience those places myself! And so I did. Many trips followed, from the Niagara Falls to the Great Wall of China, the Empire State Building to the Burj Kalifa and from London’s Portobello Road Market to the Goldfish Market in Hong Kong.

On December 27th 2014, I took off to Thailand to spend the next 6? 8? 10? 12? months discovering South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and the USA. So far it has been absolutely amazing! A return flight has not been bought, so let’s see how long I can stretch that euro and possibly add some more destinations! I’m traveling by myself, as a so called ‘solo female backpacker’. Some of the things I really want to do during the trip include learning how to scuba dive, hug a koala and sleep in a train. For the full list, make sure to check out my travel bucket list.

Although I was first thinking about making a trip like this directly after high school, some careful considerations and parental advice eventually led me to university. I had an amazing time, traveled more than I could possibly have imagined (students get great discounts!) and got a masters in business and a masters in criminology.

Now I’m on the road and will post here about all the amazing adventures I encounter. You can read more about specific destinations, travel related Tips & TricksMoney Matters and Reviews. Next to that, I’m keeping a weekly travel journal with more personal stories of what I’m up to, in case you’re curious what the life of a backpacker looks like! I hope this will be of help to those of you planning a trip yourselves, or serve as inspiration to those who are not yet!


In Hong Kong

Hong Kong


New York

Chinese Wall

Great Wall of China

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13 Responses to About Me

  1. Tiyi says:

    Awesome Hester! I had know idea you were a world traveler!!! You are an amazing woman and your Journeys are quite inspiring!! Travel safely and I can’t wait to hear about your future travels!!!!

  2. Titia says:

    Heee wat leuk ! Mijn man en ik werken allebei voor de holland amerika lijkn, en wonen sinds 8 jaar in de VS…. Als je nog eens door Seattle backpacked, zeker even mailen, wij hebben altijd wel een logeerplekje ! Groetjes, titia. :)

    • Flying Dutchgirl says:

      Hi Titia, wat gaaf dat jullie voor de Holland Amerika lijn werken en zelfs naar Seattle zijn verhuisd! Avontuurlijk! :) En super bedankt voor het aanbod voor een slaapplek is Seattle! Onwijs leuk! Seattle staat voor ergens volgende zomer op de planning dus ik laat het je weten als ik in de buurt ben!

  3. You have the coolest name ever. Can’t wait till I can visit the nice people of Holland!

  4. Wish your dream come true to travel acrose the globe young girl,

  5. We just had a wonderful stay in your home country, absolutely loved Amsterdam! Looks like quite an adventure you are embarking on, have a great time and safe travels.

  6. Lonneke says:

    Leuke blog heb je! Ik vroeg me af, hoe kom je aan zoveel geld om zoveel te reizen? Aangezien je ook nog vrij jong bent. :) Heb je een goede fulltime baan, woon je nog bij je ouders of spaar je al je hele leven voor de grote reis die je nu maakt? Erfenisje? Ben heel benieuwd!

    • Flying Dutchgirl says:

      Hi Lonneke (Leonie?), geen van alle eigenlijk. Tijdens mn studie (op kamers) had ik altijd wat geld over aan t einde van de maand en dat zonder doel maar opgespaard. Aan het einde van mn studie realiseerde ik me dat als ik nog een half jaar keihard fulltime ging werken en bijna letterlijk iedere cent opspaarde ik deze reis kon maken. Dus zodoende :)

  7. Jeet says:

    Beste Hester, Hoe gaat het :) ? Was great knowing you and reading your dubai journey blog. Looking forward to reading all your journey details and much more.

    Whenever in amsterdam would be nice to meet you over a cuppa (or a stroopwafel :) ha ha) sometime?